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Costa Pedasí Newsletter March 2013
Pedasi Newsletter

Playa La Garita at Costa Pedasi

The beautiful new walkway just finished, complete with benches for our residents going for their daily walk on our beautiful beach, Playa La Garita at Costa Pedasi.

Pedasi Newsletter

Panama housing boom continues

Panamas housing sales which recovered in 2012, with a growth rate of 13 percent, will likely climb by 16 percent in 2013.

Panama America quotes Miguel De Janon, president of the National Housing Promoters Council (Convivienda), "the levels achieved last year broke anticipated expectations."

According to estimates the 2013 growth will continue, and home sales will grow by 16%, "The largest concentration of homes are in the districts of Arraijan and Chorrera."

Pedasi Newsletter

Panama climbs tourism ladder

Panama climbed19 rungs up the tourism competitiveness ladder from 56th to 37th between 2911 and 2913 says the World Economic Forum (WEF).

With this move Panama was described as a "rising star" in international tourism by the WEF. The global ranking is drawn up every two years.

The WEF study analyzed factors that make it attractive as a destination for investment and business development in the travel and tourism sector.

At the regional level in Panama was ranked fourth behind the United States, Canada and Barbados, but beating more established tourist nations like Mexico, Costa Rica, and Brazil.

The increase in hotel chains with the international prestige, was one of the factors that drove the country into the report which was published this year under the theme "Reducing barriers to economic growth and job creation."

Between 2010 and 2012 more than 30 new hotel sproviding 6200 new rooms across the country, of which 72%-, 4500 are in the capital city.

To this number must be added the 27 hotels under construction in the province of Panama. Among the international chains operating in the country are Hilton, Wyndham, Hard Rock and RIU.

Why Pedasi?

Pedasi located on the Pacific Coast of Panama is a quaint village that offers travelers a relaxing atmosphere. Seemingly far away from the bustle of Panama City, it is only about a four hour ride for those taking public transportation.

The town of Pedasi is charming. Most of the homes in the town are painted tropical colors and have hibiscus, honeysuckle, or bougainvillea blooming in the courtyards or entry way pots. It is front porch society where locals sit and greet passersby with "Buenos dias" and children wave when riding by on bicycles. The businesses in Pedasi are growing at a steady pace.

There are many restaurants, a bakery, a souvenir shop, gas stations, groceries stores, and an internet café. There is a medical clinic, dentists, and a new hospital which is currently being built which should be opened later this year. It is easy to relax in Pedasi and understand a causal culture which still has workers riding to work on horseback or walking.

For those who want to go sport fishing, this area of the Pacific has been nicknamed "Tuna Coast" and is home to several varieties of marlin and sailfish. Fishing charters are available at reasonable rates and will often have native fisherman who have spent life-times in these waters as guides. Pedasi is a destination for those seeking to unwind, relax, and live a simple life, if only for a few days. It will remind those of us old enough of a time when front porches were the outside visiting spaces so we could chat with the neighbors and meet any newcomers.

When entertainment was a parade where the school band played and completed marching routines, floats gilded down the street with local pretty girls throwing out candy to children, and the whole town turned out to watch. This is still Pedasi.! The economy in Panama continues to grow with economic expansion tallying in at approximately 10% GDP this year - again! Just about anywhere in Panama City you look, you can see the buzz of activity. Restaurants are packed with people, entire hotels are sold out, and the malls are jammed with shoppers. Don't wait.

Come and discover what Panama has to offer!

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