WHALE WATCHING: Is done from July to September when the Humpback whales migrate from South America to the warmer waters of the tropics. During the migration season whales are often seen from the shore of “Costa Pedasi” . Further out to sea during the months of January to April pods of Orcas are sometimes seen.

TURTLE WATCHING: Sea turtles are in the Pedasi area year round and very common during the months of September to October when they arrive in large numbers to lay their eggs at Isla Cañas.

ISLA IGUANA: Minutes away by boat from Costa Pedasi, this island provides visitors a veritable natural wonderland. Amidst 35 acres of coral reefs, 13 coral species and an astounding 200 species of fish, Isla Iguana offers the best snorkeling in the country and outstanding diving opportunities.

This island features humpback whales in its waters, giant iguanas and the yearly nesting site of the 4-foot Carey sea turtle. Birders can enjoy the region’s largest colony of magnificent frigate birds with their puffed red chests, without traveling to the more distant Galapagos Islands.


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